Do you know Johnny? Part 4 The mid 2000s (Family Edition)

In this section of part 4 I have included not only Johnny Depp films that I have seen but, also Lone Ranger which just came out (July 3rd) and Into The Woods which is slated to start filming in September 2013. When it comes to his more family friendly films at this time, he plays characters that he seems literally lose himself in. 

  1. The Imaginatarium of Doctor Parnassus (with Terry Gilliam): He is one of four actors that played the character Tony.
  2. Alice In Wonderland (with Tim Burton, yes there are 8): He plays the Madd Hatter. 
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean- Strange Tides: This one in the franchise is centered around a search for the Fountain of Youth.
  4. Rango (which actually came before Strange Tides): He does the voice for a chameleon in a so called kid’s movie.
  5. The Lone Ranger: Plays Tonto which, unlike the original character from the old TV show,  is more of a guide than a sidekick. 
  6. Into the Woods(filming starts in September): He’s set to play the role of the Wolf from Little Red Ridding Hood.  

Not sure what I can really say about the films in this section. In the case of the Imaginatarium movie he only played the part out of respect for Heath Ledger who died during the making. Also while Rango was made for kid’s the humor is really geared towards older Depp fans…as seen by the fact he gets hit by the car from “Fear and Loathing.” Lastly it should be noted that he has signed up for a 5th pirate movie.

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