Do you know Johnny? Part 4 Mid 2000s (Adult Edition)

In this section I have included Sweeney Todd and Dark Shadows, even though their dark humor is clearly geared towards teens, and the 21 Jumpstreet movie which is just a one scene revamp of his character from the TV show. I have mainly done this to keep overall consistency. Also I have decided to add a fifth part to this blog piece,  because I realized I needed to make a section on all the films he has done where he basically plays himself. 

  1. Public Enemies (came after Sweeney Todd): Johnny Depp plays a very classy John Dillinger in a movie about the mob.
  2. Sweeney ToddThe Demon Barber of Fleet Street (with Tim Burton, again): His creepiest character to date but, he was trying to be. 
  3. The Tourist (seems to be very popular in India): Depp’s character gets taken advantage of by Angelina Jolie’s character. 
  4. The Rum Diary: He plays a failed writer who becomes a freelance  journalist in Puerto Rico and spends half his time drunk.  
  5. 21 Jumpstreet: Revamp of his old character from the show but, the movie actually centers around two other characters. 
  6. Dark Shadows(with Tim Burton, who else?!): It’s a campy film based on the old tv show with the same name, he plays a vampire.

Really should note here, that it was a hard decision with some of these movies. I like focusing on six gifs each time, not always so easy to do. I had to actually choose between Dark Shadows and the new Lone Ranger film for this section…thought the 2nd movie was a bit more family friendly. And his part in the Jumpstreet movie is very small. Also I realized at this point I had left at least one film out earlier in which he played himself, which is why I added a part 5. Finally, I should point out he is slated to make another grown-up film in 2014 called Transcendence,  in which he will play a computer scientist.

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