One of my favorite Feminist Vloggers, was driven from her home by threats to her safety. Well it goes to show you what sort of society we actually live in when”Freedom of the Press” does not include everyone. Above is the video some gamers felt earned them the right to threaten Anita Sarkeesian…if it didn’t show the truth it wouldn’t bother them so much.


Please Reblog if you think it’s alright for a young girl to have short hair


Ok so my sister [shes 10] wants to cut her hair short [similar to Rhianna] and my mom says that it’s wrong and ugly for a girl to cut her hair short [ive been told that yet I cut it] And I want to show her that that’s just not how things work, That any girl can have short hair if they want and still look “girly” or “ladylike” as my mom would say

I think that parents tend to over-react to haircut choices their kids make, it’s a form of self-expression that is not permanent…it will grow back. Also it’s frustrating, that adults are still pushing gender roles down kid’s throats in 2000s. Why do we have to be “ladylike” to be pretty? 

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